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Enabling Accessibility in workplaces funding available

Provided by: Mark Buffone, Accessibility Compliance Coordinator, City of Peterborough 

There is an open call for proposals to receive funding from the Federal government for projects that improve accessibility in workplaces. Full details available at:


Tips on applying:

1. Funding for projects for renovation, retrofit or new construction in which job opportunities for people with disabilities could be created or maintained. Includes provision of assistive technologies, professional fees, consultants.

2. Organizations can submit one application only.

3. Federal goverment will fund up to $50,000. Minimum 50% of the project costs to be by others.

4. Open to small businesses only (not-for-profit organizations are not eligible)

5. Project duration must be a maximum of 52 weeks.

Furthermore, Employment and Social Development developed the following criteria: 

For the purpose of this CFP, systemic barriers are defined as:

Limitations that prevent people with disabilities from accessing job opportunities, advancement
opportunities, or limitations that prevent improving the current employment status of people with disabilities or prevent them from maintaining their position within an organization as a result of design elements of workplaces. Such elements include, but are not limited to, disability/adaptive aids and assistive technology devices, stairs, doorways, the width of hallways and levelled room layouts, and equipment not designed with accessibility principles in mind.

Responding to systemic accessibility issues in workplaces means that projects must be geared towards activities that can serve to improve the accessibility and safety of all current and future employees with disabilities, as opposed to one individual’s specific accommodation needs.

For the purpose of this CFP, assistive technologies are defined as:

Accessible information and communication technology media aimed at increasing accessibility for people with disabilities to information and/or communication. Technologies include, but are not limited to, FM loop systems, visual-audible alarm signal devices, special computer software and peripheral hardware (e.g. speech recognition and/or screen enlargement software or device, electronic reader or audio description program, etc.).

Deadline for applications:
Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 11:59pm EST

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