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The Culture of Complaint

In February of this year the Huffington Post did a story on Peterborough becoming the second worst place in Canada to find a job.  The result was a predictable outpouring of criticism and blame.

At the time no one was able to explain why we had dropped from 3rd to 27th in one month. As a Chamber, our comment to the media was centred around our skepticism of the numbers. We didn’t go from nearly first to nearly worst in one month....

Huffington Post is not to blame, and neither are the local media outlets who carried the story. They were quoting a BMO Report, which quotes available statistics. Similarly, our unemployment rate has been on a wild roller coaster ride, going from 8.6% in November to 3.2% in April. Does anyone believe those numbers?

BMO is back with this month’s report, and “Alert the Media” we’ve staged a magic recovery, going from 27th to 6th in three months! It’s a miracle! Good work everyone! It’s beer o’clock! (Yes that is sarcasm...)

Here is the point. We’re not that bad, and we’re not that good.

Job creation is everyone’s responsibility:

  • Peterborough Economic Development as the lead agency
  • Multiple agencies and associations, from the Innovation Cluster to the Chamber to the Construction association to the Manufacturers Association, and many more, all working for growth and support of our various members/constituencies.
  • Business owners who juggle multiple challenges in order to hit sales/growth targets
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government who help create the conditions for employment

I could go on for a long time, but this is “Team PTBO” All of us need to be on board, and we need to constantly remind ourselves that being positive and working hard at job creation is an ongoing process.

No matter what this month’s numbers say....