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Peterborough ranks 72nd out of 209 municipalities 

There’s yet another reason to #lovelocalptbo.

Moneysense.ca is out with its latest ranking of 209 Canadian municipalities.  The rankings consider low unemployment, high incomes, affordablehousing, healthy population growth, access to health care, low taxes, low crime, access to transit, walking & bike paths,  good weather and strong arts & sports community.

Given these criteria where do you think Peterborough would rank?  Do you think year over year the city would have seen a positive or negative change in its ranking?  

The answer might surprise you. Peterborough ranks 72nd out of 209 municipalities and is in the top 25% for the access to health care and easy to walk, bike, and take transit categories.  One could argue that Peterborough should rank very high in the strong arts & sports community category as well.  

So what is the "so what" factor?  From 2014 to 2015 Peterborough jumped 19 places from 91st spot to 72nd, so Peterborough is improving.  In fact a number of the key areas used for the survey have been top of mind in the Peterborough area recently.   

At the Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build ground-breaking ceremony on Monday, June 1, the organization spoke about the City’s dedication to affordable housing and how helping a person with the dream of home ownership also helps the economy. In Peterborough, 75.4% own their own home and 24.6% rent homes.  

According to the survey over 12% of residents walk, bike or take public transit to work.  Awareness campaigns by a number of community groups are intent on seeing that percentage grow.  It was also an area of concern during the Chamber’s Young Professionals Group Policy Forum in November 2014.   

The population (City and County combined) has grown by 1.9% in the past five years and the current Places to Grow Act forecasts a combined population of 173,000 by 2031.  Currently, the province is reviewing four provincial plans including the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, the Greenbelt Plan, the Oak Ridges Moraine Plan and the Niagara Escarpment Plan.   The government is examining how the plans can better focus on six areas: 

  1. Protecting agricultural land, water and natural areas
  2. Keeping people and goods moving, and building cost-effective infrastructure
  3. Fostering healthy, livable and inclusive communities
  4. Building communities that attract workers and create jobs
  5. Addressing climate change and building resilient communities
  6. Improving implementation and better aligning the plans

There was a public meeting in Peterborough on April 7, 2015 with a public comment period that just closed on May 28, 2015.  The second phase of consultation will focus on potential amendments to the plans.  

The statistics in the moneysense.ca survey also show that over the past five years the crime rate has fallen 16.5%.  Interestingly, the areas that could use some work are areas most in Peterborough would agree on.  It would be nice to see the average median and disposable income increase, and to see unemployment decrease.  There is no simple solution to creating change in these areas. From an economic view, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to push for a business climate that allows business to thrive and continue to change and adapt to the needs of consumers and an constantly evolving economy.  

So how does Peterborough stack up against other comparable municipalities?  Kingston is ranked at 37; Barrie at 42, Oshawa 109 and Thunder Bay 112. Peterborough in the 72nd spot is right in the middle of the pack.  

Peterborough is doing a lot of things right, but there are still a lot to be done.  

It’s not perfect, but our current status is rich with opportunity.  There is
opportunity in our largest demographic, the 55+ crowd.  There is opportunity for the many families with young children in Peterborough.  There are industries in Peterborough that are thriving, from
advanced manufacturing to home renovations to tourism and sports and culture.  

As residents and business owners in Peterborough our job is to recognize where we can improve, never sell ourselves short and remember that success means to #lovelocalptbo.

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