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Opening communication between voters and candidates

Information is gold during an election and even more so during a municipal election where there are often a significant number of candidates. In the City of Peterborough there are six candidates for Mayor and five in each of the five wards. That’s at least 11 people whom a voter has to learn about before heading to the polls on Monday, October 27th. In the eight townships that make up the County there are 86 candidates, including a number who have been acclaimed. 

As a result of this need and the fact that there are candidates looking to get their information out to the public the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce created the Peterborough Chamber 2014 Municipal Election Hub page on Facebook
(https://www. facebook.com/ptboelection2014). 

“The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce does not endorse any one candidate,” says Stuart Harrison, President and CEO of the Chamber. “In fact, that policy is what drove us to create this hub of information. The page is open to all candidates and residents in the City and County and is another resource to learn about the issues and people looking for a seat on council.” 

Candidates are also encouraged to share their information. What are you hearing in the community? Tell us about your town hall events, office openings, and informational writings.

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