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What we're hearing: Small Business Too Big to Ignore 

Policy advocacy on behalf of our members and business in our communities is a core priority of the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism. We want to know the policy issues that are important to you so that we can effectively represent your interests.

To that end, two roundtable events were held on Thursday, June 23, 2016 in Lakefield at the Marshland Centre and in the Station Boardroom at the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.   

Twenty-eight business owners and business advocates attended the two hour sessions discussing issues relevant to small business in our communities.  The roundtables were part of the Small Business Too Big To Ignore campaign launched in May 2016 in partnership with these two local chambers, other chambers and boards of trades across the province, and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.  

Top 3 Obstacles to Small Business Success 

This introductory report by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce lays out three obstacles that are common across the province:

1. Lack of Access to the Workers We Need

2. Key Infrastructure Gaps

3. The Rising Cost of Doing Business

The campaign is designed to highlight the importance and contributions of small business in Ontario.  The feedback from our local roundtables and others across the province will inform a final report on the factors critical to the success of small businesses. The final report will be released during Small Business Week in October 2016.

The participants of the roundtables were divided into small groups and talked about the challenges for small business.  Both groups identified the following as the top challenges:


  • education for employees and the workforce
  • compliance with legislation
  • procurement
  • workplace attitudes
  • succession planning
  • sustainability


In discussing solutions for the challenges the number one suggestion was:


  • removing red tape 


followed by:


  • understanding the government’s expectations around enforcement and inter-ministerial awareness 
  • improved education programs for apprentices and retraining for current employees 
  • grant programs for small and medium enterprises


Both groups felt the role of the Chamber was to be the voice of business and that there was strength in numbers.  There were suggestions for increasing collaboration between the Peterborough and Kawartha
Chambers and identifying how a mid-size city region such as Peterborough can bridge the policy gap between rural and urban issues.  

Read our roundtable report and add your voice to the Small Business Too Big To Ignore campaign by filling out a short survey, found on our website peterboroughchamber.ca/small-business-too-big-to-ignore.html