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Chamber highlights the business case for broadband 

Let’s talk about broadband and why we are calling on the province for more investment in this area.   

As technology continues to evolve broadband is an important piece of business infrastructure – similar to roads, bridges and electricity.  

“Local businesses in Peterborough and area are becoming increasingly dependent on internet access for their everyday business practices,” says Stuart Harrison, President & CEO, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce. “High-speed internet access has become a necessity for doing business in today’s economy and it is critical that all regions across Ontario have access to this essential infrastructure.” 

While the Peterborough Chamber and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce acknowledge broadband investments made by the Government of Canada in the recent federal budget, internet access continues to be an issue in parts of Ontario. 

“EORN [Eastern Ontario Regional Network] fully supports the Chamber’s call for more provincial investment in high speed internet and mobile broadband services,” said Dave Burton, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “While we have made significant progress in expanding access to high speed services across Eastern Ontario over the past few years we know there are still gaps and capacity issues to be resolved.  We also know that our economic future is tied to the ability of our local businesses to grow their markets and customer base through the Internet.  Helping local small businesses prosper will strengthen not only our communities but help the Province as a whole prosper,” added Burton.

The Chamber Network has identified three key recommendations that have been presented to the
provincial government:


  1. Develop a broadband investment strategy that acknowledges that broadband is an essential infrastructure investment and creates space for continued private sector investment
  2. Build partnerships across all levels of government in order to leverage funding and respond to local need. 
  3. Benchmark Ontario’s internet speeds and access to ensure that we keep pace with other jurisdictions.


Universal access to high speed internet is becoming more important than ever for business and government operations, with government services increasingly shifting to online platforms. By working with the Peterborough and the Ontario business community, government can develop broadband policy that is responsive to existing and future needs. 

To date we have seen extensive private sector investment in fibre and a supportive government policy can help amplify the opportunity for further investment. 

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