Ontario Chamber of Commerce Approved Policy Resolutions

The OCC researches and develops policy positions that serve to enhance the province’s business competitiveness, and to ensure that Ontario is an attractive place to invest, conduct business and attract skilled talent.

The OCC membership and policy team help shape the issues for which they advocate through a policy resolution process. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), OCC members gather to debate and define the resolutions that inform advocacy efforts for the coming year(s). Out of this process, comes a compendium of resolutions, which form the basis of the OCC’s advocacy work.

OCC Approved Policy Resolutions 2011-2014


Ontario Health Study - Become an OHS Community Ambassador

The Ontario Health Study (OHS) is an ongoing research study investigating risk factors that cause diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and Alzheimer’s. Researchers will use this health information to study how our lifestyle, environment and family history affect our health over time and to develop strategies for the prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases.  Ontario residents 18 or older can take part in the OHS by filling out health-related questionnaires online. 

Your organization can become an OHS Community Ambassador by sharing information about the OHS with your employees and clients.  In turn, Community Ambassadors will be acknowledged on the "Community" section of the OHS website. 

About the Survey                                        

About Community Ambassadors 


2011 Canadian Chamber of Commerce Approved Policy Resolutions

The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce. Each year we participate in the Policy Resolution process, which some call “The Parliament of Business”. Chambers across the country contribute Policy Resolutions that are debated, approved, and/or rejected, and then presented to the Government as recommendations. These recommendations often result in significant changes to Government policy, making it easier for you to do business.

The link below will take you to the 2011 approved Policy Resolutions book. Please have a look at the index and explore any of the Resolutions that are of interest. If there is something that affects your business specifically, it’s often very effective for local MP’s/MPP’s to hear from you about an area of concern. If they can carry your voice along with ours to Queens Park or the House of Commons it can strengthen the argument for change.

Our General Manager, Stu Harrison is the Co-Chair of the Ontario Policy Caucus. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact him at 705-748-9771 ext 202, or email

2011 Approved Policy Resolutions


Chamber Survey Results re: Statutory Holiday Shopping

In July 2011, Peterborough City Council requested feedback on the issue of allowing retailers to open on some statutory holidays.  An email survey was distributed to the main contact at 991 Chamber Members. There were 196 responses for a 20% response rate.

The question asked was – “Do you agree that Peterborough retail businesses should be allowed the choice of remaining open on statutory holidays?”

Survey Results


Comment on Cost-Benefit Analysis of Beavermead Park 

As a stakeholder in the future of Beavermead Park the Chamber was asked to comment on the cost benefit analysis of the campground. General Manager Stuart Harrison recommended that the campground not only be retained, but enhanced to provide fully serviced lots. With Provincial campgrounds sold out months in advance across the Province, Beavermead is a significant economic opportunity for the City, bringing people right into the heart of Peterborough. As it exists it loses money, and often attracts the wrong kind of camper. Make it first class and charge for it... As a supporting document we provided our Policy Resolution on the Little Lake Master Plan (see link below), which calls for balanced economic opportunities around Little Lake.

Policy Resolution on the Little Lake Master Plan