Ontario Chamber of Commerce Provides Annual Pre-Budget Submission to Minister of Finance

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce provides an annual pre-budget submission to the Minister of Finance. The submission draws upon the results of the pre-budget member survey and the policy recommendations voted at the Annual General Meeting. This year's submission also aligns with the input provided to the Commission on Public Sector Reform (the Drummond Commission).

Here’s the link...

Pre-Budget Submission


Chamber Releases Survey Results on Police Services Budget

The Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey of its members in January 2012 to gather their input regarding the Police Services Budget issue.

Media Release


AODA Update - Emergency Planning Requirements

Under the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), effective January 1, 2012, businesses in Ontario must:
  • work with their employees who have a disability to figure out what information they might need in an emergency
  • make public emergency information accessible, upon request.

For more information on, and compliance assistance with, the new standards and your requirements for emergency planning, please visit the Ontario Chamber of Commerce's Accessibility Works site.


The Chamber Submission to MP Dean Del Mastro’s Pre-Budget Consultation

The Chamber presented a document to MP Dean Del Mastro containing numerous specific recommendations to Government for consideration in the 2012 Federal Budget. The Chamber is calling for a broad strategy based on four key goals; achieving economic recovery, creating jobs, ensuring low rates of taxation, and working towards a balanced budget. Here is the link

The Pre Budget recommendations draw from a total of 57 Policy Resolutions, developed by Canadian Chamber Policy Committees and individual Chambers across the Country, which were debated and approved at the Chambers Annual General Meeting in September 2011. These recommendations cover areas of Federal Government jurisdiction including Finance and Taxation, Environment, Industry, International Affairs, Social Policy, and Transportation and Infrastructure. Here is the link to the full 80 page document.


Stengthening the Local Economy - A Look at the Chamber's 2011 Advocacy/Policy Work 

Each year the Chamber is involved in a number of initiatives to help strengthen the local economy.  Here is a quick list of some of the activity we've been involved in this past year:

Policy Committee
Government Affairs Committee
Prosperity Round Table Committee
Innovation Cluster Committee
Immigrant Integration Committee
Ontario Chamber Policy Committee
Canadian Chamber Policy Committee
Shining Waters Railway Committee

Addressing Access Bottlenecks to Health Care
Immigrant Integration
Places to Grow
Highway 407
Beavermead Park
Little Lake Master Plan
City of Peterborough Official Plan
Peterborough Transit
Peterborough Airport
Real Estate Board
Trent Severn Waterway
Industrial/Commercial Tax Ratios
Statutory Holiday Openings Survey
Skilled Trades
School Closures
Municipal Budget
Provincial Budget
Federal Budget
Ontario Health Study
Native Tobacco Sales
Innovation Round Table
Cross Border Shopping
Copyright Legislation
Backflow preventers
34 Ontario Chamber Policy Resolutions
56 Canadian Chamber Policy Resolutions