Who's who at Peterborough Economic Development

Peterborough Economic Development is a community partner of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.  

Today, Peterborough Economic Development (PED) is hosting its Annual General Meeting.  Three new board members will be joining the ranks, including myself.  I am extremely excited to be joining this board as it enters a new era of collaboration, focus and leadership.  Economic development is about building our community in a way that is sustainable, innovative and purposeful.  It is a community effort that I look forward to championing. 

PED's current five year strategic plan  has an overarching commitment to think big and challenge the status quo by:

  • Igniting the transformation towards a high-performing economy and outperforming* Ontario’s economic growth averages over the long term.
  • Working with the private sector to provide desirable job opportunities, encourage enhanced and sustainable prosperity, and quality of life within the community.
  • Leveraging resources and increasing organizational and community economic development capacity (our ability to grow the economy).
  • Enhancing community collaboration and partnerships.

“We continue to lead the transformation of Peterborough’s economy to generate job-creating leads, uncover opportunities and put Peterborough on the map as a place to live, work, invest and visit, and ultimately, create results for the communities we serve,”says Rhonda Keenan, President & CEO, Peterborough Economic Development.

So who is working for our community at PED?  

The Board of Directors and 12 staff dedicated to economic development and 6 dedicated to tourism in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.  Here is the leadership team.

Rhonda Keenan

As President & CEO, I lead and mobilize the organization to achieve its mission and vision. I bring a collaborative approach to developing partnerships and working with community stakeholders to deliver on our strategic plan and operations. Together, our mission is to lead Peterborough’s economic growth by attracting talent, innovation and investments that create desirable jobs and an irresistible place to live, learn and visit. 



Lorne Kelsey

As Director of Investment Expansion, I build and lead the strategies, key relationships and partnerships that enable the Investment Expansion team to attract and retain the talent and investments in the Peterborough region that ultimately lead to the creation and development of quality jobs and an irresistible place to live. I work closely with government agencies such as the Ontario East Economic Development Commission and the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation to seek investment opportunities. I also search for local opportunities with innovation, academia, research and development and commercialization functions to maximize investment expansion in the community.


Fiona Dawson

As Director of Tourism & Communications, I coordinate the promotion of Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism, Peterborough Economic Development and the services we offer within Peterborough & the Kawarthas to targeted regional, national and global markets. I also lead both the tourism and communications teams in attracting visitors and larger scale tourism related investments to the local economy which ultimately creates desirable jobs, and increases visitation to and spending in the region.


Barb van Vierzen
As Director of Operations & Finance, I develop and manage the processes and support systems that help ensure the smooth functioning of the PED organization so that staff can successfully fulfil their mission.




For more information on the PED team go to:


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