10 of 50 facts about Peterborough, Ont., Canada 

The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce building, formerly the original C.P.R. train station, will be part of Doors Open Peterborough on May 7, 2016.  

In preparation, President and CEO Stuart Harrison went hunting in the display cases of historical artifacts we have related to the Chamber and the building.  

What he found was rather interesting.  It's a small book produced by the Peterborough Board of Trade, a past incarnation of the Chamber of Commerce, titled "Fifty Facts about Peterborough, Ont., Canada".  

While a publishing date is not on the document, it refers to the pending annexation of Ashburnham, which happened in 1903.  

It's a very telling read of the culture, economy and status of Peterborough around the turn of the 20th century. As such, we thought why not take those fifty statements, starting with the first ten and compare them to the Peterborough of 2016.  

From my own knowledge of Peterborough history, I was not surprised by number one.  

Go #TeamPtbo.

References: Stats Canada website, Peterborough Economic Development website, Shining Waters Railway website, Peterborough Farmer's Market website, PUC website, City of Peterborough website

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