OCC call for Red Tape Challenge heard by province

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) recognizes that the Government of Ontario is taking an important step towards addressing the cumulative burden facing Ontario businesses by announcing the implementation of a Red Tape Challenge. 

This online consultation tool will allow businesses across Ontario to identify and help eliminate regulatory duplication, lessen compliance burdens, and make it easier for businesses and citizens to interact with government. This online consultation process will focus on six sectors including: auto parts manufacturing, food processing, financial services, mining, chemical manufacturing and forestry. 

"Last summer, the OCC called on the Province to adopt a crowd-sourced approach to regulatory change, where the public could submit comments and suggest changes to the regulations that impact them. It is encouraging to see the Province making burden reduction a priority," said Allan O'Dette, President and CEO of the OCC.  

This initiative is an example of the OCC's powerful advocacy work being directly reflected in the provincial government's policies.

"The Chamber Network has made the elimination of red tape and burden reduction a priority," said O'Dette. "This commitment is the beginning of a process that will address the red tape burden that Ontario's business community faces. This is an encouraging step towards alleviating unnecessary pressure on businesses, while helping to drive Ontario's economy forward."  

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