OCC: Beyond the finish line - Toronto Pan Am & Parapan Games

"[The Games] will have a huge impact on Ontario’s economy, generating 250,000 new visitors to the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and 26,000 new jobs. Yet the scope of the Games extends well beyond its events. If successfully executed, they will bring about long-term and sustainable benefits for the provincial economy and Ontario businesses. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce and its members are supportive of the Games and are excited by the opportunities they will bring to Ontario.

In order to secure a positive legacy for Ontario and the GTHA, the Province should continue to work with its partners to lay the groundwork over the coming year. The Province has so far made excellent progress on a number of fronts: it has invested in major infrastructure projects across the GTHA; trade shows are being organized; businesses, including SMEs, have been engaged in the business opportunities presented by the Games. But there is more to be done.

Government cannot bear sole responsibility for the success of the Games. Businesses and all Ontarians need to get excited about their potential and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities they provide." - Allan O'Dette, President & CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce in the 2014 white paper: Beyond the Finish Line: Ensuring a Successful Legacy for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Parapan American Games.

Athletes are starting to arrive and the Games themselves will open on July 7th with the Opening Ceremonies on July 10th.  

The white paper from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce made eight recommendations to the provincial goverment including:


  • Using the games to develop a comprehensive Latin America trade strategy
  • Ensuring that traffic reductions do not have an unduly negative impact on goods movement
  • Plan follow through to use games facilities to attract other major sporting events in the future
  • Leverage the games to encourage students from across the Americas to study at Ontario's world class universities and colleges


The goal is to leverage the games to generate sustained economic activity and a positive legacy. 

White Paper: Beyond the Finish Line

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