Premier's visit highlights the work of the Chamber

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Peterborough MPP and Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Jeff Leal joined about 130 Chamber members for a luncheon on Friday, May 1st.  

Premier Wynne highlighted the need for more innovation and exporting opportunities. The Premier and the Minister recognized the policy wins of the Peterborough Chamber such as asking the 407 be built to the 35/115 and extending the scope of practice for pharmacists. 

Premier Wynne spoke of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan calling it an important piece for the future, while acknowledging there was still a lot of work to be done.  Wynne acknowledged the resistance of the business community to the increased costs, but suggested that people who struggle in retirement will increasingly rely on Government support, which also comes at a cost.

Similar logic was put forward regarding the new Cap and Trade system, with the Premier suggesting that while some will consider it a cost vs an investment... a tax vs a market solution, Cap and Trade is a tested and proven market solution to reduce emissions. Wynne promised to reinvest any proceeds to help people, businesses and communities become more efficient, more resilient and more competitive.

The Premier announced that Minister Duguid will soon be introducing a regulatory burden reduction strategy, and referenced the recent budget and its $130 billion infrastructure investment over a ten year period.

Premier Wynne shared that the Provincial Government grant to help The Publican House Brewery upgrade their canning equipment will nearly quadruple their capacity, helping them grow to meet their increasing market demand.

Our Chamber was honoured to host Premier Wynne, and particularly impressed with her knowledge of the Peterborough Chamber and the lobbying work we do to strengthen the business community.

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