Collaboration sees results on Service Technician issue

In the fall of 2014, manufacturers ran into some serious challenges, in that foreign service technicians coming to Canada to repair or update manufacturing equipment for Canadian companies were being turned away at the border.  This was the result of the changes last June to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The new rules left Canadian manufacturers in a serious crisis as these technicians had the historical knowledge and ability to fix or update equipment in a timely fashion.  

A core group of manufacturers, manufacturing associations, Chambers of Commerce, and MPs were involved including the Kawartha Manufacturers Association, Quinte Manufacturing Association, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, the Quinte and Belleville Chambers of Commerce, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.  The new rules reflect a real need to an important and growing sector of the Ontario economy.

The details of the changes are as follows:   

Program delivery update – May 21, 2015

Update to the instructions related to Labour Market Impact Assessment exemption code 13 in the International Mobility Program


The Labour Market Impact Assessment-exempt category C-13, previously limited to emergency repair personnel, has been expanded to include individuals who are coming to Canada to repair industrial or commercial equipment that is no longer under warranty or covered by an after-sales or lease agreement.

In addition, the “Emergency repair personnel” section has been updated to include information about documentation requirements, fees, and issuing the work permit in the Global Case Management System (GCMS).

Updated instructions

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