Collaborating for success: a Peterborough partnership for progress

The partnership may have been formed with a certain amount of happenstance, but the end result is a gateway to a new generation of manufacturing in Peterborough.  

The players are PKA SoftTouch, a Peterborough company and Chamber member working toward actualizing a painless needle; Steelworks Design Inc, a Peterborough company and Chamber member who developed and constructed the micro-needle’s drug capsule production equipment; and Westmount Pharmacy, the Peterborough pharmacy with a sterile facility in the Banting Legacy Hall to house the production equipment.

“We didn’t know that Westmount had a sterile facility and stumbled upon it by word of mouth from a supplier,” says Dick Crawford, PKA Chair of the Board and CEO. “With the space being in Peterborough, it closed the loop for us and signifies a huge leap forward to actual profitability.”

PKA’s small and inexpensive Micro-Needle is a unique device that lets patients inject only into the skin layers where there are no nerves and no pain. It would be used for the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

“It’s great to see the micro-needle get some real traction and take off the way we thought it always would,” says Don Barnet, Steelworks president. “You really feel like you are part of something special, developed right here in Peterborough.”

“The new drugs coming down the pipeline are a perfect fit with this technology,” says Murad Younis,
Westmount Pharmacy attesting to the need for this kind of medical device in the market. 

Crawford says they would start the production runs for the clinical trials with three employees, including a supervisor and quality control, but the facility can accommodate up to eight.  The partners are already thinking into the future.  “If it takes off and goes to market in a big way we hope to build a factory around the device.  This means a huge project for us and a big win for Peterborough,” says Barnet.  

Also helping the company find its place are the CFDC, which approved grants for research and development, and the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster.        

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